Lasik Surgery Testimonials

John Paulson, MD:

A combination of his experience and judgment is why I chose Dr. Schneider. He is very reassuring and talked me through the procedure. It went exactly as he described it. I’m extremely happy with the results. Dr. Schneider’s excellent judgment, technical skill along with a very friendly and professional staff make it an easy decision.

Lani LaBelle, DDS:

I know Dr. Schneider had extensive training and has taught other ophthalmologists how to do the procedure. I encourage my friends and associates to trust that their entire experience will be positive working with Dr. Schneider and his staff.

Marlane J. Brown, OD:

I refer my patients to Dr. Schneider because he is an excellent surgeon, kind and gentle. He is very attentive to detail. Patients are happy with the outcome of their LASIK and cataract surgeries.

Wendy L. Engstrom, DDS:

As a dentist, having excellent vision is crucial for my work so I did not want to take any risks until I was confident of the procedure and the surgeon. I waited. Then my own patient, who is a surgical assistant for Dr. Schneider recommended him for the LASIK procedure. That was the best recommendation I could receive, and I have been so happy with my results.

Gunnar Erickson, MD, Ophthalmologist:

I chose Dr. Schneider to do my surgery because I trust his judgment, experience, and I know he is a skilled surgeon. I am very happy with my surgery. I could see very clearly even the same day. It is very nice not to be so dependent on glasses for everything. I do LASIK surgery myself, but when I see a tough case that I don’t feel comfortable handling, I send the patient to Dr. Schneider because I know he will do the right thing. He is concerned about the person and what is best for them, not just their cornea.

Steven Benton, MD, Cardiologist:

Experience, training and reputation is why I chose Dr. Schneider to be my surgeon. I am very pleased with the outcome of my surgery. The benefits are well worth the cost. His high level of surgical competence and care, coupled with integrity and careful explanation of the procedure’s benefits and risks make him the best.