Why Wellness?

The Wellness Industry is not just a fad, but possibly the answer to the current healthcare crisis in America. Over consumption and under-nutrition, and lack of exercise threaten to rob Americans of their health and enjoyment of life.

Nutritional supplements have been proven to reduce the risk of Macular Degeneration progression and are recommended for all of my patients with Macular Degeneration or those at risk for Macular Degeneration. Almost every day another study reveals further health benefits from nutrtional supplements. Heart disease, hypercholesterolemia, arthritis, prostate cancer, menopause, fatigue and insomnia can all be benefited by supplementation, without the risks of prescription drugs. Success at weight loss is now safe and effective with supplements, and wellness education.

Because of much confusion regarding which supplements to use, I have decided to bring nutritional supplements, and wellness education into my practice. I personally, have been using nutritional supplements since my adolescent years, and have used everything from bee pollen to lecithin and alfalfa. I have been impressed with the pharmaceutical quality of Vasayo® supplements and have enjoyed the health benefits. Nutritional supplements have come a long way recently, and the American Medical Association (AMA) now recommends daily nutritional supplements for everyone.

Vasayo products are only available at Schneider Eye and Wellness Center, or on-line through this website: www.vasayo.com. If you decide to purchase these products you will be well on your way to wellness! I personally use the MICROLIFE CORE COMPLETE. I have lost 25 pounds recently using “V-SLIM” and regular exercise.

Wellness counseling will now be a part of my commitment to you, your eyes and your health. Wellness lectures will be held twice monthly at my office. These lectures contain the latest information regarding research about nutrition, supplements, exercise and weight-loss. They last 1 hour; 30 minutes dedicated to question and answers and 30 minutes presenting you the latest research in this field of medicine. If you have any questions regarding website issues, my employees are more than happy to help you. As always, I welcome your questions. Let’s get healthy together!

All the best,
Tim Schneider, M.D.